First, We Eat.

Anyone that knows me know that I’m particularly food motivated. (Argos and I share that quality… I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.) In an ideal world, everywhere would be dog friendly and I could take my little BFF with me… but, the world’s not perfect. Instead, I have the opportunity to drag my friends and Score coworkers along for some tasty treats.

Cleveland has a phenomenal bar & food scene, and I’ve been hitting the town hard. That’s also hitting my wallet hard, but #YOLO, right? Don’t expect any advice on budgeting, saving money, or spending wisely. I am definitely not your go-to girl for those things.


What I CAN do is tell you about some of the local restaurants I’ve been to recently, and how they made me happier with every single bite that I took! 

Polpetta Ok. So I would have made an entire post about this restaurant, but I’m immature and couldn’t resist the jokes. This is a newer restaurant out in Rocky River that is solely based around one thing: balls. Meatballs, that is. You can tell that a bunch of friends sat around and said, “You know what would be funny? An entirely ball-themed restaurant.” And you know what.. they’re right. The menu is full of puns. The décor is all about balls. And the food is to die for. When you go, make sure to save room for dessert. The “Fat Food 3.0” will make you drool. 

Banter – Sausage and poutine. What can be better? This minimalist restaurant on Detroit & W 74th in Gordon Square has been featured on both the Food Network’s “Ginormous Food” and the Travel Channel’s “Food Paradise”. For us polish girls like me, I recommend the Chicken Paprikash poutine. You won’t be disappointed.

Don Ramon – an oldie but a goodie. This is a fan-favorite here at Score. Because it’s so close to the office, we like to go for lunch when we can or meet for dinner afterwards. Tiff and I were just here shoving our faces with chips & salsa, great Mexican food, and celebrating our friendship.

Danny Mac’s – This little dive is my go-to for wings. It’s on Pearl Rd in Old Brooklyn, and you’ll miss it if you blink. The hot garlic parm… MAN. Don’t get me started. Wing nights are Wednesdays and Saturdays. The odds are in your favor that you will find my friend Hannah and I there chowing down. It’s pretty busy and the kitchen is pretty small, so give yourself some extra time if you’re going for food. The wait is well worth it.

SOHO Chicken + Whiskey – Two words: THE CHICKEN. I’ve walked past this restaurant on W 25th a million times, and it always smells yummy. On Sunday, Bob and I went for brunch and it was better than expected. Even the leftovers made me drool a little.

I’m not a food blogger, but wouldn’t it be nice to be?

New restaurants pop up every day in this city, and it’s seemingly impossible to try them all. Believe me, I’m trying really hard though.

Happy Everything,

**These food excursions are made possible by my amazing friends, coworkers and family that support and encourage the fact that I am insatiably hungry 24/7. I couldn’t be happier that you always want to be fat kids and come with me.**


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