Save Time, Save Your Sanity.

I think everyone is in agreement that there’s just not enough time in the day to accomplish everything that we want. There’s always at least one task that gets pushed off for another day.

For me, it’s ALWAYS the dishes. Literally, always. I would rather iron every article of clothing that I own (which is a lot), to not have to scrub pots & pans.

I thought I’d share some tricks that have been helping me get to work on time, and giving me a few extra hours in my week!

Ok, so the morning. It’s my least favorite time of the day. I want nothing more than to stay curled up in a blanket with Argos, but SOMEONE’S gotta be the breadwinner, and it sure isn’t going to be him.

The biggest time saver for me is definitely dry shampoo, but we don’t even have to go there. Whoever invented it is a genius. Honestly.

Let’s be serious though. I’m a big “meal-prepper”. I’ll either cook on Sundays for the week, or make sure that I make extras for dinner to pack my lunch ahead of time. This saves my wallet, too.

I also do my best to always pick out my clothes the night before, shoes & accessories included. This saves me a lot of time in the mornings standing in a towel deciding what to wear to work. While we’re on the topic of laundry, I only buy the same socks to save frustration when I fold, and I separate my laundry into two baskets as I go. These will help make the end of your week a little easier. 

No kidding. I haven’t been late to work since I started these things… and I’m always late.

There’s time in all of our days that we don’t realize is there. You just have to find it!

How do you save time in your week?



Happy Everything,



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