And, That’s The Game.

Score loves sports. If you couldn’t tell that from the company name or logo, the team is all about it.

We love sports-minded individuals, people with a competitive nature, and those that know how to work hard & get the job done.

It’s part of our nature and company culture.

So, needless to say – we also LOVE sporting events.

This past weekend, one of the biggest sporting spectacles happened… the Super Bowl!

We watched the Patriots win (yet again) over the Rams.

I mentioned how much we love sports here, but you should know that our clients also love sports! One of them actually holds a yearly contest with the winner earning tickets to the Super Bowl and to VIP events. Matt was lucky enough to win the year that The Broncos faced The Seahawks. 

As much as I love the Steelers, and try to love the Browns, I am continually impressed by the athleticism and work ethic of Tom Brady.

Although I’m mad every year when the Patriots are in the Big Game, I am never surprised.

Now that the game is over and the dust has settled, we get to look back on our favorite commercials of 2019, finish eating those leftovers, and start rooting for the Browns to make it to the Super Bowl.

Do you think I’m being too optimistic, or do you agree that we can do this!?

Happy Everything,



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