AND… We’re Back!


Hello, world! It’s me… again J


I’m BACK! And I couldn’t be more excited. I’m sure you’re excited too…. I mean – absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?


The last year has taken Score as a company, and myself as a person through a significant amount of changes. Some good, some not so good. But that’s life, isn’t it?


After the dust of the transitions has settled, I am proud to say that everyone is in a better place and I am ECSTATIC to be back on the writer’s block.


What’s going on, you ask? Well, don’t mind if I do….


Things that haven’t changed:

  1. Score Marketing is expanding and growing with no signs of stopping any time soon.
  2. I am still not successful in comedy, but am as fiery as ever.
  3. Directions are not my forte, and I get lost a lot.
  4. I love my job, and am grateful every day for the opportunity to work with this amazing company and group of people.
  5. I owe the Department of Education like a million dollars for my student loans.
  6. I am still a struggling millennial trying to figure
    out how to be a civilized adult. (And trust me – the struggle is extremely real.)

Things that HAVE changed:

  1. I chopped off a good chunk of hair, and dyed it. Now I’m dark and mysterious 😉 JK. But it does let my sunny personality shine a little brighter.
  2. I got a puppy, and he is the love of my life. You’ll hear about my little man Argos a lot, and I’m not sorry about it. He’s grown a lot since I’ve gotten him, but he’ll be a baby forever.
  3. Score Marketing was recognized on Zippia’s Top 10 Companies to Work For in Cleveland list. That’s a huge deal! We were #2 – watch out NASA (#1)… we’re coming for you!
  4. My era of moving every year at the end of my lease is over. This is the first time since I moved to Cleveland that I’m staying put for a second year.
  5. We finally got around to decorating some of the rooms in the office. We certainly procrastinated after we painted, but it’s looking pretty snazzy now.
  6. For the first time in my 20s, I feel truly at peace and happy with my life. I feel settled. I am surrounded by love, have a support system like no other, love my community, my coworkers, my friends, my dog’s daycare providers. Should I keep going? Needless to say, I am IN LOVE with my life.


Now that we’ve established that, I’ll let you know now that I’m coming out swinging, and

I want to hear from you! Leave your comments and suggestions – let’s interact! Suggest your favorite places, ask me questions, send me pictures of your dogs. Eons ago I said that we were going to figure this ‘adult’ thing out together, so let’s get a move on.

Happy Everything,



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