Back on Track.

The holidays are a time for overindulging and guilty pleasures.

I’m pretty healthy, but I have a hard time walking past a tray of cookies without taking one. Once January hits, it’s time to reign it back in and start being more conscientious of what you are eating, drinking, and doing.

What does this have to do with Score?

Great question!

Part of our mentoring program focuses on self-motivation, and self-awareness when it comes to your strengths and weaknesses.

Trust me when I say that desserts of any kind are one of my many weaknesses.

Now that we are into the New Year, it’s the perfect opportunity to select some of your weaknesses and start to improve on them.

It’s really difficult to do this sometimes, and it’s ok if you need a little help. I like to lean on the leadership team here at Score to help hold me accountable to the goals that I am setting for myself, and they encourage me to keep pushing to become a better version of myself.

This year, I am focusing on a healthier diet, better money management, and finding new ways to de-stress. All things I’m not great with if I’m being honest.

What weaknesses are you working on strengthening this year?

Happy Everything,



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