Blank Canvas.

I think it’s really important to reinvent yourself every now and then. You know, give yourself a fresh start.

Maybe it’s because of a breakup, a major life event, or the fact that it’s just time for a change.

You empty your closet and fill it with all new clothes. You get a new hair cut that’s drastically different. You move to a new place and start a new life.

As we all know, when I graduated from college I picked up my entire life and moved here to Cleveland to do just that – make a new life for myself. Well, after two years it’s time to do it again (but on a much smaller scale).

This weekend, I moved to my new home in Old Brooklyn. It’s no secret that moving sucks, so what’s the big deal? This is my first time ever living by myself. And you know what… so far, it’s amazing!

If there are dirty dishes in the sink, I know that they’re MY dirty dishes. If there are shoes by the front door, I know that they’re MY shoes.

I have no one to answer to other than myself. The roommate phase is over, and now I’m really #Adulting. I’m as independent as I will ever be in my life.

My apartment and my life are a blank canvas, and it’s my responsibility to make something beautiful. Needless to say, I’m up for the challenge!

While we’re on the subject of moving, I’d like to take the time to send out a few very special thank you’s:

To my friends from Score Marketing that helped me move –Thank you for the hours of helping me unpack, assemble furniture, and coming along on more than a few impromptu shopping trips. You never let me down, and make the most annoying of tasks enjoyable!

To the amazing team at Bright Eyed Moving – you guys rock! I definitely couldn’t have moved as successfully if it weren’t for you. Where do I start? You are fast, efficient, friendly, professional, and reasonably priced to say the least. I look forward to being able to recommend you to my friends!

I didn’t go through a breakup or life-altering event, but there is no doubt that it was time for a change. I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my life. And hey… maybe I’ll get all my hair cut off too? Stay tuned to see.

Happy Everything,


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