Cleveland’s Warmth.

Cleveland is cold, but THIS weather situation is like hide yo kids, hide yo wife cold.

In fact, this is the coldest the city has been in 25 years.


Can you believe that? That’s almost my entire life.

There’s something truly special about the city of Cleveland, and you can see it very clearly when things like this happen. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a tragic event, life threatening weather, or even something as trivial as a major win or loss with our sports teams – Cleveland finds a way to unify.

Over the last several weeks, I’ve seen community support for furloughed government officials ranging from free meals at restaurants, free tickets to events, and additional food banks opening in our communities. That is extremely impactful for those unable to work.

Another truly special thing that I’ve seen this week due to this crazy weather is the opening of warming centers all over Northeast Ohio. With temperatures not expected to rise about 0 degrees and wind chills of -20 to -35, our area needed the extra support. In fact, our team also spent time packing lunches for the homeless preparing for this arctic wave.

There are 22 rec centers in the area that are being used as warming centers for our homeless population, elderly, or those struggling to heat their homes. The city has instructed the homeless to go directly to Intake on Superior Ave; however, stated that no one will be turned away at the warming centers.

Being a part of a community and city that takes care of one another like this is just one reason why I am so grateful to have moved here. Not only do I have a loving family at home, but I have a loving family here at Score and a loving community. The support in Cleveland is unlike anywhere else.

Stay warm out there.

Happy Everything,



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