Dream Big Enough.

What did you want to be when you were little?

Where have you always wanted to travel?

What have you always wanted to do with your life?

When I was little, I wanted to do and to be just about everything at one point or another. I wanted to be a baker. I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to go to space. I wanted to see all 50 states. I wanted a house full of puppies and an unlimited amount of ice cream. I wanted to go in a hot air balloon.

My head was full of ideas, my eyes wide with excitement, and my life full of dreams. The older I got, the more these dreams started to fade away into reality. And the reality of the world is that sometimes dreams just aren’t enough.

Achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams takes a lot of time, work and patience… and in a lot of cases, money. That’s just the black & white of it.

It can actually be pretty discouraging, too. I’ve watched money destroy friends and family. I’ve seen dreams crushed because of finances. I’ve seen dreams overtaken by the stresses of life. Dreams get pushed to the back burner. It makes sense – we can’t sit around day-dreaming of being a lion-tamer when we have to actually put food on the table.

Here’s the thing about dreams though… they don’t have to go away. They don’t have to get pushed aside. I won’t tell you that they’ll happen overnight, but making your dreams bigger than your reality is the first step to reaching them. (and if they do happen overnight – I’m going to need some pointers from you!)

Dream big enough to motivate you.


Dream big enough to make you work harder.


Dream big enough to make a difference.

So you always wanted to take that dream vacation? Save $5 a week until you can book a flight. Dream house? Start thinking about where you want it. Own your own company? Bust your butt until you get there.

I’m sure your dreams have changed from when you were 7 years old. I know mine did. What hasn’t changed is the fact that there are things that I want to accomplish, and my dreams motivate me every day. My dreams of living in Philadelphia are a thing of the past, and my dreams of living in Downtown Cleveland are happening before my eyes. I still want to have a house full of puppies, spend 2 weeks in Greece, and manage my own dance studio. I want to own a home in Cleveland, visit my family often, and love my career.

I already love my job at Score, so I guess we can cross that one off the list!

Happy Everything,


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