Family Matters.

Seeing my family fixes everything. Without being too cliché, they really are chicken soup for my soul. When I’m with them, all my troubles disappear, and miraculously, nothing else matters. Recently, I’ve been under a lot of pressure here at Score to meet my deadlines, feeling stressed preparing for my upcoming move, and quite frankly… feeling completely overwhelmed.

My sister decided that for the last trip of the summer before school goes back in September, she would bring my nephew, Aidan, out here to Cleveland to visit for a long weekend. And let me tell you – it was DEFINITELY a long weekend.

To be honest with you, I did more this weekend than I think I’ve done in the past 2 months! This was my sister’s first time visiting CLE, so we had to hit up some of the most common tourist attractions (while making sure my 11-year-old nephew wasn’t complaining too much!)


The very first stop on Friday? Melt. After seeing it on the Food Network, they had to make sure that we went. And it was exactly what you’d expect. 3 massive sandwiches. 3 large piles of fries. And 3 people stuck in a food coma. After a long day in the car for them, a long day in the office for me, and that massive meal, we were all checked out and went right to bed.

We had to prepare for the long Saturday ahead of us.

Trust me.


Saturday was without a doubt our busiest day, and it was all about Mr. Aidan. He has a fascination with aquariums, and is determined to see every aquarium in America, so off we went! This was the first time I’ve ever been to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, and I was pleasantly surprised. Anyone that knows me knows that I get lost everywhere that I go, so don’t be shocked when I tell you that I got turned around navigating the West Bank of the Flats trying to find it. Once we got there, though, I was one of the most unique aquariums that I’ve ever seen!

Like many buildings in the area, it’s all exposed brick on the inside. I’m a nerd for great architecture and features, and this definitely had both! The entire aquarium was filled with brick, arches, and iron. EVERYTHING THAT I LOVE. I will say I was a little disturbed by the section of the aquarium that featured fish found in the Lakes & Rivers of Ohio… needless to say I’m never getting in the water ever.



No way.


After the aquarium, I was able to bring my family out to Edgewater Beach to show them Lake Erie. It was a brief stop – just long enough to make a reluctant pre-teen take a picture with his favorite aunt by the Cleveland sign!


By this point in the day, we were starving. We made a quick Barrio stop for some tacos, and everyone left happy, especially me. You see, when my family is here, I have an excuse to go to all of my favorite food places to show them off. I was one happy girl, for sure!



After lunch, we went to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo for the afternoon. It was a great way to end the day, enjoying the sun, the animals, and one another’s company. After all of it, we walked like 6.5 miles. We burned off those Barrio tacos no problemo.

So there you have it. A play-by-play of my eventful weekend with my fam.


What’s the point though? I LOVE Cleveland, and feel prideful when I have the opportunity to show it to the people that I love. I can’t wait for them to come back so I can keep showing them how amazing this place is, and they can understand why I’m never moving home.

Happy Everything,


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    This is awesome


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