Giving Back to the Community – Get Involved Beyond the Office Walls

A major part of Score Marketing’s focus has always been giving back to our employees through internal promotion, continued training, and mentorship. However, one of our company goals in 2017 is expanding our impact beyond the office walls and into the communities around us. As a company, involvement in a good cause excites us! After all, we believe in the golden rule – treating others as you want to be treated. So far this year, our staff has participated in community service events individually and as a group. From River Clean Ups and 5K runs for the homeless to supporting the Special Olympics through John’s Crazy Socks, our efforts are just getting started!

What’s Our Team been up to?

One of our Marketing Development Managers, Alex, completed a 5k benefiting the homeless. We asked Alex about experience and he said, “The charity event held by Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club gave me an opportunity to be involved in the community for a good cause. Being someone that was at one time homeless, it means a lot for me to give back so that someone else can have the opportunity to have a roof over their head. This is an annual event that teaches everyone to appreciate what they have. I look forward to being a part of this event again next year!”

Our Senior Content Manager, Sarah, recently participated in a River Clean Up with some of her friends. She claims that, “Giving back to the community is something that has always been important to me. I may not be able to donate a million dollars, but there is always something that I can do to help make my neighborhood and this world a better place. I was surprised what kind of trash I found on the River Banks. TVs, road signs…. Lots of beer cans. Shocker! We have to do a better job taking care of where we live. I’m glad I was able to help make the community a little cleaner!”

The office joined up to support the Special Olympics through an organization called John’s Crazy Socks. Mark and John Cronin, a father-son duo, created this organization to spread happiness and awareness through socks. For each purchase made through John’s Crazy Socks, 5% goes directly to the Special Olympics.

Never heard of it? Check them out!


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