Laughter That Heals.

There are few things that make me happier than laughing. A real, deep belly laugh can make even the darkest of my days brighter.

One of my favorite finds in Cleveland has been Hilarities, a comedy club in the basement of Pickwick & Frolic on E 4th downtown. I’ve been to a ton of shows here, and it’s one of the best comedy clubs I’ve ever been to.

It’s dark, cozy, comfortable and honestly… just a great overall time.

Recently, I saw Whitney Cummings, who is a fairly well-known comedian. I actually didn’t know who she was – my friend bought the tickets, and I was there to reap the benefits. She created the CBS series 2 Broke Girls, wrote and produced the short-lived revival of Roseanne on ABC, and has appeared multiple times on Comedy Central.

What I found particularly interested about her comedy last weekend was that she took a highly political and relevant issue, and turned it into relatable comedy that made everyone feel comfortable. She focused a lot on the #MeToo movement, and how it affects both males and females. She addressed the severity of the issue, but also noted that our nation needs to be able to laugh again.

Now let’s make this clear right now… I don’t want to start a political debate with you (or anyone) for that matter. I just want to state some facts. I believe that the #MeToo movement is going to be regarded as a defining topic in this generation. It will be in history books, and stories will be passed down in families about standing up for human rights and beliefs. It has ignited this country in a way that I haven’t seen in my 25 years of life.

Men and women alike are on edge, uncomfortable, and looking for answers. They are seeking change, and fighting for it. It’s incredible.

The thing about sexual harassment is that one of the most common places for it to happen is at work… Inappropriate behavior within the confines of somewhere that you should feel safe and valued.

I am extraordinarily fortunate that this kind of behavior will never happen to me at work. The company culture here at Score is very family orientated, where employees are respected, cared for, and listened to. Matt and Tiff have an open door policy, and everyone is encouraged to speak up if anything is unsatisfactory to them. Over the years, Score has provided me with an environment that elicits growth & development, mentorship, and fun.

It turns out that Whitney is working with Lee Daniels to develop an entire #MeToo-themed series for Amazon.  She didn’t mention a debut date, and my googling skills couldn’t find a release date either. I’ll keep you posted.  

Happy Everything,



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