Love Your Pets.

On Wednesday, everyone on the internet celebrated National Love Your Pet Day, and our office was no exception.

Now, we all know that I’m your typical obsessed dog mom to Argos. I smother him with love and affection, take countless pictures, and love him more than anything in Cleveland. He’s not the only pet that Score has to celebrate, though.

Matt will sometimes bring his yellow lab, Sophie, into the office for the day. She adds an extra boost of joy and fun to the air, and helps relieve the stress of our employees.

If I’m being honest, she and Argos couldn’t be more opposite!

Sophie is calm, quiet, and you’d hardly know she was there (other than the big poofs of hair she leaves all over the floor). Argos is wild, loud, and needs everyone to know that he’s in the room…. And much like Sophie, he’ll also leave a big pile of hair to mark his territory.

We are an office full of animal lovers, and Sophie-days always bring a smile to everyone’s face.

She’s Score’s official mascot!

Maybe Argos should take some pointers on his manners from her?

Happy Everything,



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