Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Things in the office at Score are busy, busy, busy recently.

We have a training class with new employees, a new client that we are representing in the Cleveland market, and more importantly… a new admin!

I know, you’re like “What’s the big deal, Sarah?” BUT THIS IS EXCITING! Not only am I going to have a little help in the office, but I also have the opportunity to train and develop a new staff member.

One of the things that attracted me to Score Marketing 2 years ago was the opportunity for growth. Coming out of college, I knew I needed to start at an entry level position to get my foot in the door and prove myself, but wanted to end up somewhere that my hands weren’t tied behind my back, and my success wasn’t limited, my growth not stunted. Being here in Cleveland at Score has given me so many opportunities to improve myself and my skills, and I now have the chance to share that with someone else.


I’ve spent the last two weeks going over simple office tasks, more involved recruiting tactics, and building a great relationship with Christina! Similar to me, this is her first job right out of college. Her first REAL career and opportunity. I remember what it was like. I remember how I felt. Nervous, excited, and everything in between. So, I brought her under my wing immediately, and never hesitated to make her feel like she’s already part of our family.



In the past when I had the opportunity to train someone, I think I took it for granted a little bit. I showed my trainees the ropes, and cared for their success – but this time around feels different.


Maybe it’s because we’re so similar to one another? Maybe it’s because I’m older and more experienced in my own career?

I’m not really sure.

Here’s what I do know though… there is a gravity and weight to the training process that can’t be ignored. When you think about it, I have the responsibility of setting her up for a successful career. Her growth and development is in my hands, and I couldn’t be more honored!

Here’s to both of our futures!

Happy Everything,


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