Movin’ On Up.

I love that Score spends a lot of time on employee development. It’s helped me grow personally and professionally, and that’s really more than I thought I could ask from my first real job.

Our leadership team just returned back from the quarterly regional leader’s meeting in Chicago. Matt, accompanied by 5 of our top employees, attended the conference and had the opportunity to spend time together outside of the office. Not only was this a great trip for everyone’s professional careers, but also to help the team grow closer personally.

At the conference, our team had the opportunity to network with successful leaders in our business, continue their training & development, learn about exciting things coming soon to our company, but more importantly… watching their colleague Andrew receive a MAJOR promotion!

For those of you that don’t know, Score promotes solely from within. That’s why we spend so much time working with our employees. Our entry-level employees have the opportunity to start fresh in an entry-level position (go figure), and work their way up.

Andrew started at Score as an entry-level sales representative for some of our major clients in home entertainment and energy, and was promoted to Assistant Director in front of a room full of colleagues from across the Midwest.

It’s incredible to watch our team grow into their careers, and be a part of their journey.

Keep up the great work, Andrew, and congratulations on your promotion. You deserve it!

Happy Everything,



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