Rally Together.

Summer is winding down.

The days are getting shorter. The mornings are getting colder. And the Tribe is getting HOT!

The Cleveland Indians are on a 22 game winning streak, and the city is rallying behind them. This is the third time since I’ve been in Cleveland that I’ve experienced a city full of energy, excitement, and nothing less than Cleveland Pride. Maybe I’m Cleveland’s good luck charm? Since I’ve been around, the Cavs won the Championship, then the Indians made it to the World Series against the Cubs (not to mention that Matt and I got to go to Game 7!), and now this – the #WINDIANS breaking records and making history!


That’s probably not the case, but that can be our little secret. SHHHHH!  

Games are sold out. Downtown businesses are booming. Cleveland is alive.

You should know, baseball is my favorite sport to watch in person. I grew up in a baseball house with a brother that was always on the diamond. It’s always been a major part of my life. Now that I’m living in a city with a professional team, my love for the game continues to grow just like my love for the Cleveland Indians!

When my family was here a few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to take them to the 12-0 shutout against Kansas City.

We drank beer and ate hotdogs, enjoyed each other’s company, and watched the Tribe demolish the Royals.


Now, I mentioned that baseball is a huge deal in my house. Well, we are also very opinionated about our favorite teams. My 11-year-old nephew is no exception to the rule. He is a Cubs fan. Why? No one really knows. After last year’s devastating loss in Game 7, Aidan has made a point to rub it in my face every time that he can.

Well, guess what?

At the game, he purchased both an Indians hat AND shirt.

That was satisfying, to say the least.

Many of my coworkers here at Score have been attending games recently too. Like I said before, everyone is rallying behind the Tribe! 2017 IS OUR YEAR!

Happy Everything,


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  1. Kathy - September 16, 2017 at 2:29 pm

    Cleveland…. tribetime…. go Indians
    Great article


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