Successful Business Trip – Score Marketing on the Road!

Our team has been doing a lot of traveling lately! In the past three weeks, we have sent a successful business trip to Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, and even had a visitor in Cleveland! Listen to what our team has to say about their experiences!


“Throughout my time in Cleveland I learned so much! I felt privileged and most definitely accepted by all in the office. On this business trip, I got to see different ways to approach what we do, and it was refreshing to hear different points of view. Networking with the sharp Score team was beneficial and amazing. Overall, it was nothing less than a great experience, and plus… I got to see “the land.” Let’s go Cavs!”

-Garrett F., Corporate Trainer in Harrisburg, PA


“The business trip to Washington was a great trip! I encountered many new experiences on the West Coast. Personally, I was able to get to know another member of the Score family and strengthen our business relationship. The views of the mountain ranges were breath-taking from the minute I laid eyes on the snow-capped mountains. Being able to touch the Pacific Ocean for the first time was also a huge highlight!”

-Andrew F., Marketing Development Manager in Cleveland, OH


“Salem is a beautiful city! The scenery is lovely and the food is great, too. During my visit, the airport staff went out of their way to make sure I was ok. At breakfast, the waiter made it a point to learn and address me by name. The people I had the chance to network with were kind, helpful and appreciative of what I brought to the table for their team. I am excited to have traveled to Oregon on this business trip, and am excited to continue having these opportunities!

-Lionel S., Inside Sales Representative in Cleveland, OH


“It was an incredible experience that took me to the West Coast and Pacific Ocean for the first time. I got to see our company’s national influence and the impact we can have. The trip to Washington was almost like taking a vacation (I don’t see how meeting so many nice people in a new place can really be considered work.) It showed me that hard work really does pay off in this company, and rewards you with tons of opportunity. Not to mention I could see the mountains from my hotel room!”

– Tyler G., Inside Sales Representative in Cleveland, OH


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