Score’s Super Bowl.

The holidays are a busy time for everyone.

Traveling, family gatherings, holiday parties – you name it!

It is jam packed with eating, drinking, shopping, and overall merriness. Sometimes being that busy can make your head spin!

Our team is the busiest during the holidays and the fourth quarter, especially our sales team. Matt always says that Black Friday is our Super Bowl, and he’s right! Our sales reps work their tails off that day because people are in the mood to SHOP.

I’m a retail junkie, so I’m no exception to that.

Honestly, there’s nothing that I actually NEED…. But a lot of stuff that I really WANT.

This year, I am trying to focus my Black Friday shopping more on gifts for others, rather than gifts for myself.

Instead of spending hours upon hours between Old Navy, Ulta, New York & Company, and Target shopping for things I have absolutely no room for, I’m going to get all of my Christmas shopping done. (Or at least attempt to. I don’t know what I’m getting for ANYONE yet.)

I’m sure I won’t be able to resist buying something for myself, but I’ll keep it small. Unless I decide to sign on the dotted line on a car, then it’s a massive and very expensive gift for myself this year. Just in case any of you want to pay for it for me, I’m looking at the Chevy Trax. 🙂

I’ll be home in Scranton this week, but if you see any of our team out there, take a selfie with them and send it my way! Ask them about the BIG Black Friday deal!

Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Shopping.

Happy Everything,



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