Take Control of Your Life – Create a Routine

One of the most powerful tools in business and in life is a functional, solid routine. What time does your alarm go off? What time do you take your lunch? What time do you leave the office? Implementing a steady routine into your day will positively impact your professional career and your personal life. What can a routine do for you?

Routines create structure. Structure creates organization in your life and in your work, and keeps you from feeling frazzled and chaotic. Always knowing what is on your plate will reduce anxiety and the need for excessively planning ahead.

Pro Tip: Keep a calendar on you at all times, and put everything on it. Include bill due dates, work deadlines, important appointments, and even scheduled events with your friends. This keeps you on top of your responsibilities, and keeps you in control of your life!

Routines teach time management. Adhering to a regimented routine and schedule drives an individual to develop and improve time management skills, helping keep focus on the tasks at hand and leaving less work to do on your off-time. This also frees up time during the day for extra work that falls on your desk, unexpected meetings, or emergencies.

Pro Tip: Set time limits on your daily tasks, and stick within the time constraints. This will help you decrease the time it takes, and improve your focus on the task at hand!

Routines increase productivity. By breaking the day up into a time schedule and routine, you are able to prioritize your tasks and use your time more efficiently. This aids in reaching goals, picking up more responsibilities at work, and generation of more free time. Who doesn’t want more free time?

Pro Tip: Divide your “to-do” list into three categories – needs to be done immediately, needs to be done today, and needs to be done this week. This makes sure that you are utilizing your time, prioritizing your tasks, and crossing those things duties off your list!

Routines break bad habits. Bad habits are the hardest to break, but following a routine makes it easier to improve your lifestyle. Knowing exactly what is expected of you daily, weekly, or even monthly reduces procrastination of tasks. It also makes it easier to avoid the snooze button, grabbing that unhealthy fast food for lunch, or drinking that extra cup of coffee in the morning.

Pro Tip: If you are not a morning person, try packing your lunch the night before. This will save some time in the morning for you to sleep an extra 10 minutes, and make sure that you are eating healthy!

Routines decrease stress. Stress negatively affects productivity, mood, and overall health. Decreasing stress levels will improve those aspects of your life, as well as increase happiness, improve sleeping habits, and initiate growth.

Pro Tip: Take 5 minutes daily to do something that will make you happy. Talk to your best friend, look at a picture of your dog, watch that funny new YouTube video, or enjoy the sun for a few minutes. This will breathe life back into your day, and keep you motivated!


There are many simple things in life that are taken for granted, one of the biggest being the power and importance of maintaining a routine. Following a daily routine increases productivity, aids in improving time management skills, and helps you take control over your day. Create a schedule, stick to it, and watch your bad habits slip away!



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