The Colors of the Season.. Orange & Brown.

What’s in the water at First Energy Stadium?

As a Pennsylvania Girl, I never thought I would see the day that the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers have the same record. Two wins, Two losses and 1 tie (to each other. Go figure). I don’t know if that says a lot of positives about The Browns, or a lot of negatives about The Steelers.

I have mixed feelings about it, actually.

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I LOVE Cleveland. I’ve grown very attached to the city, the people in it, and many of the sports teams. The Browns, however… Let’s just say I haven’t warmed up yet.

I really want them to be good, and I really want to root for them.

Usually, they make it pretty hard to do that… at least for a Cleveland transplant. True Browns fans wake up every Sunday and put on their jerseys, win or lose, and are LOYAL. I’ve never seen anything quite like The Dawg Pound and the Muni Lot before. I mean… they had a parade for a perfect losing season! If that isn’t loyalty, then I don’t know what is.

For the first time since I moved here three years ago, I see Browns fans walking around with a little bit of swag. We are WINNING (kind of). Maybe it’s Baker Mayfield, or maybe they are finally a conducive team… I’m not exactly sure. But we are seeing REAL FOOTBALL in Cleveland.


I’m friends with many diehard Browns fans so let me make this clear – I don’t think we should get ahead of ourselves thinking that because we won two games we are going to the SuperBowl. Let’s be realistic, guys. We have some work to do before that.

All that I do know is that The Browns are energized, playing together, winning games, and making me excited to watch their games on Sundays!


In case you weren’t sure from the company logo, Score loves sports! Matt is an avid hockey player, and a lot of our employees are also sports-minded and competitive by nature. In all honesty, Matt is our Baker Mayfield. He energizes our team, lifts our spirits, and shows us what it takes to be a play-maker.

I’m proud of our team here at Score…. And I’m working on being prideful of the Browns.

Happy everything,



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