Winter Wonderland.


It’s no secret that I love Cleveland.

It’s also no secret that I don’t love (or understand) Cleveland’s weather.

I moved from somewhere cold, snowy & temperamental to somewhere colder, snowier, & more temperamental. I don’t know WHAT I was thinking, really. Good thing I love this city.

As ALL of us know, we had one heck of a winter storm this past weekend. I have about a foot of snow in my yard on the West Side of Cleveland. Trust me when I say I could never survive another year living on the East Side in the treacherous Snowbelt.

Now it’s 40 & raining, just to melt the snow, let the temperature drop back down & freeze everything that just melted.

What a headache!

Score’s office is over here in Warrensville Heights, so luckily for me the storm happened on the weekend. There’s no way I would have wanted to drive across 480 in THAT mess. You know I would have had to bribe Matt with banana bread to let me work from home if it happened during the week. My banana bread is a real crowd pleaser… just ask the Widing siblings!


I actually want to give a major shout out to ODOT for their amazing work over the last several days making sure that the Cleveland area was as clear of snow and as safe as possible. With our impressive freeway system and over 8,000 residential streets, these guys are the real MVP’s here.

Make sure you thank them if you know any ODOT workers!

I love Cleveland, but I’m hoping this will be the only major snowstorm of the year. Although Argos would probably like it… he’s turning into a little snowdog.

Happy Everything,



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