Working from Home. Working Hard… or Hardly Working?

This week, Matt gave me the green light to spend the week working from my parents’ house back in Scranton, PA so I could see my nephew graduate from elementary school (which was a huge deal for him), and to attend the dance recital for the studio I satellite teach for.

Have you ever wanted to work from home? The freedom to stay in your PJs, avoid putting on makeup, or eat ice cream all day long. Tempting, right? Well, it’s not as luxurious as Fifth Harmony made it sound. To be honest, it actually stresses me out a little bit. It’s definitely not as easy as we all dream it to be.

Let’s start with the most important detail of working from home: working. It takes a lot of self-discipline and motivation to get the job done in the comfort of your home. The struggle not to watch The Office on repeat or to take that 15 minute power nap is so real. It’s also SUPER hard not to have a photoshoot with my dogs (…I did do that a little, though – sorry Matt!). Luckily for me, this isn’t the first time I’ve had the opportunity to work at home. Matt and the other managers at Score have been amazing at giving me the flexibility to go home and visit my family from time to time. I can’t express how grateful I am to work for a company that understands how difficult it is to be away and try their best to accommodate when I need to go home.

Wanna know what helps me stay focused?

Wearing shoes. It’s super weird, I know. If I’m supposed to be working or trying to meet a deadline, I’ll wear my shoes in the house. Keeps me in go-mode. Keeps me crossing things off my hefty to-do list. I also make sure I stick with my daily routine. Shower in the morning, change my clothes, have a cup of coffee, and get a move on with my day.

What is next in line after working? Everything else. Literally, everything. I live a pretty busy life in Cleveland, but somehow I am always 10 times busier when I’m in Scranton. I’m not really sure how that happens. I’ve spent the week bouncing from Little League games, dance rehearsals, seeing my best friends, eating at my favorite places, and doing about a month’s worth of laundry (for free, I might add. Definitely saved like $20). Talk about a non-stop week!

I am beyond ecstatic that I was able to spend the week with my family, experience another milestone with my nephew, and watch my girls crush it on stage.

As much as I adore Cleveland, I will always love Scranton. The Electric City. The Office. The city with the best pizza. The place that will always be my home.

See you soon, Scranton. It’s been real.


Happy everything,



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